Rhein on Energy and Climate

I cannot resist responding to Svetoslav Apostolov`s long letter to the editor (July 13) concerning the “EU institutions hypocritical fight against climate change“.

Basically, he makes three points:
– Man made climate change does not take place, but the EU institutions have made it their mantra.
– The EU institutions waste energy and therefore behave hypocritically.
– The EU institutions do not employ people who do not share their vision of climate change.

First, every human being older than 50 years can observe climate change with his own eyes. Climate change is therefore an undisputable fact!

During the last 20 years climate science has made huge progress, and today the vast majority of climate scientists and meteorologists accept that essentially all climate change is due to rising emissions of C02, CH4 and N20, a consequence of human activties. There is therefore an overwhelming consensus among the international scientific community on the man-made nature of the phenomenon. Every human being with a basis knowledge of physics is able to understand it.

It is therefore normal that all governments on earth, including the US government, accept climate change as the single most important challenge for humanity. That is why the subject dominates international relations in a way that nobody would have believed possible only 10 years ago.

Second, there is no doubt that EU institutions and even Commissioners waste energy and thereby contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Still, among the industrialised countries the EU is by far the most advanced the in tems of energy efficiency and the use of alternative energies!

Third, it is absurd to assume that EU institutions ask potential job or research applicants for their views on climate change.

Eberhard Rhein

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