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Climate change is bound to dramatically impair the living conditions of our children and grandchildren. To mitigate the extent of climate change robust action willaction will have to be undertaken by all countries, but in particular by OECD countries, in the course of the coming 20 years. Without such action happening, then it will be too late to prevent a climate cataclysm in the second half of this century and beyond.

As we have seen during the last two years of preparing foration for the Copenhagen Climate Conference, deep-rooted life style and consumption patterns, coupled with very powerful vested interests prevent robust action against climate change. Too many people ignore what is going on around them,them; they are unable to gauge the unprecedented risks for their lives because they have never learnednever learned the basics of climate science. This is seems particularly evident in the USA.

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It is time to change this situation. Those who are presently less than 15 years old must leave school with a basic understanding of weather and climate phenomena and become adults able to follow the basic issues of climate policy. Such an enlightened society will be better able to more easily support painful but necessary climate action.

How could this be done? Very easily.It should be easy to realise this objective.

The EU Commission should recommend submits a Recommendation to member states to introducing e a course on basic climatebasic climate science in all secondary schools between the age of 16 and 18 years. and It should offers member states to have an appropriate standard text book elaborated by aan expert group of science teachers and climate scientists.

If enacted by the majority of EU member states other OECD countries are likely to follow suit. So will countries like China, Brazil or India.India.

Hopefully the next generation will thus be more knowledgeable about climate change than the present one and therefore be more open to accept necessary changes of their life style and consumption patterns.

Brussels 14.11. 09 Eberhard Rhein

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  1. In this fast world and due to current lifestyle many of us not known much about the climate science, it is necessary to educate each and everyone in the world. In my point of view we should create more awareness to all the people in this world for better living.

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