Rhein on Energy and Climate

China First Everywhere

In 2009 China has thrown Germany from the pinnacle of the world’s biggest exporter of goods. That was an overdue record. Counting only German exports to non-EU countries, China had already been the no 1 exporting country for many years.

Humanity must get used to the fact that during the last 30 years China has become the no 1 in almost all fields that matter. It produces more steel, chemicals, coal, wind turbines, PV panels, ships, automobiles, buildings, clothing, shoes, toys etc. than any other country or group of countries like the EU.

It educates more engineers and scientists than the USA or the EU. It counts almost as many pianists – 40 millions –as the population of Spain.

For a country of almost 1.4 billion industrious and talented people, one fifth of the global population, being first everywhere is not that surprising, unlike the rather strange Japanese claim to be no 1 some 25 years ago.

Let us hope that China will also progressively turn into a country, which will being first in taking the global responsibilities. This goes in particular for climate policy and the respect of universal human rights.

Brussels 14.01.10 Eberhard Rhein

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