Rhein on Energy and Climate

The EU suffers from the highest unemployment ever since its start half a century ago.

Its political leaders have been unable to respond with appropriate medicines.

But they are also increasingly unable to explain their citizens what the EU is all about, what it can do and where it is not competent. They are lost in technicalities and details too few people understand.

The result is a growing frustration about the EU and its progress.

This contrasts with President Obama. He is, no doubt, the most brilliant public speaker on earth. That is how he has won two elections and why he continues to fascinate his audiences in Washington, Istanbul or Berlin. His speeches are substantive and far from populist. It is a pleasure to listen and read them.

The most recent example of Obama’s talent is his “Climate Address” in Washington June 25. It is a masterpiece of political rhetoric, succinct and easy to understand by the average citizen, in the USA and the world.

Through it, Obama claims international leadership for climate policy, something we have lacked for years. The EU has finally found an imaginative partner on the other side of the Atlantic that is serious in tackling climate issues, at home and globally.

The Obama “Climate Address” should therefore be mandatory reading for climate policy makers in Brussels, Beijing and Moscow.

But it should also be mandatory for European politicians and their speechwriters to learn how to address European audiences and complex issues.

Eberhard Rhein, Brussels, 26.06. 2013

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  1. Very good and legitimate point about the poor communication skills of the current European politicos.
    What I wonder is why?
    Is it the political system itself? Some sort of failure in the school system? The weight of technocracy? Some cultural thing? Media?…
    It would be interesting to pursue as a question.

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